New Orleans East EcoPark Production Facilities: A 30/90 Management project for productions with a focus on science fiction, science fact documentaries, and docudramas

VitascopeHallAuthor:  Bruce Camber

Production Studios for Science Fiction-Science Fact
SFX Edutainment-to-Theme Park Test Center

The movie industry was created by technology; and,  it is driven by  technology.  Among its many founders,  Thomas Edison will forever be remembered as one of the key innovators and promoters. Early in 1896 he opened his first experimental movie theater, the Vitascope Theater, in Buffalo.  Then, in  July 1896, he opened what just may have been the world’s very first for-profit movie theater,  Vitascope Hall,  at  623 Canal Street (the main street) in New Orleans.

Over the years, the costs of this technology have so dramatically come down,  the only remaining barrier to entry is one’s creativity and story-telling abilities.

Although the world’s largest movie studios are in the USA, they are all on rapidly shifting sands.  Although many examples can be cited, the most dramatic are independents that come out of nowhere and change the metaphor.  Lucas, Spielberg and storytellers like J.K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter series) quickly challenged and transformed old models.CLose Encounters  by Spielberg

Now their  models have aged and it is about the right time to challenge all the models all over again.  How about movies where you go and live within the movie for a few hours, a day or even longer?  How about models that actually educate, profoundly so?

We propose a major shared studio-entertainment-education complex to be located in East Orleans at the 30° N 90° W  and worked into the economic development operations of that area.    First, we bend the cost curve by sharing the most expensive productions costs.  We create reusable parts that begin to appear within several films in such a way as to give those parts a real reality. We develop integrated story lines such that no production stands alone, yet builds off of the each other, the edge of technology, and the ideation.  The production groups at the 30° N 90° W would aggregate Visual effects  (VFX) and computer-generated graphics (CGI), then build on both such that each production studio participant can build their own unique sequential productions.  And then, all of it would be incorporated within a very different kind of amusement park.

Every serious production company who has any interest in SciFi would be interested.  All will be offered time within this production complex.

There are significant production studios in many countries of the world and there are thousands of smaller, more specialized studios.  The goal for the production complex at the 30° N 90° W   is to create a shared studio that focuses first on documentaries and science fiction and the application of each to a learning and entertainment environment that looks like the next generation of an amusement park associated with the National Science Foundation, NASA and no less than ten universities.

Within these two genres, these productions coupled with the “edutainment” can change the way we see ourselves,  the future of our world, and our role within this ever-shrinking universe.

Writers, producers and editors will be invited to participate in ongoing educational seminars to orient themselves to the edges of science fiction and science fact (fictfacts). Among the tools that will be developed for science fictfacts are:

Wikipedia image

Wikipedia image

  • A ten-year window for Space Elevators to Zero-Gravity (0-G):  Most people do not know about space elevators even though the concept has been around since 1895.  It has not been used within any major science fiction movie.   30/90 Development will contract with the Innoventions group within Walt Disney Studios to transform their concepts for their Tower of Terror into the first space elevator in history where the guests are taken to the “International Research Space Station” (IRSS) to learn.  They will have paid a heavy admission price to go to school for a few hours, a day or even a few days to learn about the universe and its 205+ notations from the smallest measurement of a length to the edges of the Observable Universe.  From every window within this space elevator, the guests will see how they are ascending into a gravity-adjusted environment just 230 miles above earth,  Once docked to the IRSS, they will observe the earth below along the orbital paths of the IRSS.
  • The role of Elon Musk, SpaceX and other independent space cadets.  We will not play our hand in a public document, yet key business leaders including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos,  RichardRichard Branson in Space Branson of Virgin Galactic, and Paul Allen (Microsoft founder), and  others will be the subject of special-useable packets as each of their options for space travel are studied.
  •  The scientific evolution to  gravitational control. The quest has been long and intense.  Yet, with the advent of a universe table with 65 notations and a million-quintillion vertices, a new science of the very-very small scale universe, is emerging.  We are on the edge of many scientific breakthroughs that will fundamentally reshape our view of ourselves and our role in the universe.
  • The Einstein-Rosen Bridges and Tunnels (also known as wormholes):   Our participants will learn about wormholes to the 600+ inhabitable planets in other galaxies.  Whereas Star Trek had a 75 year journey from the other side of the Milky Way, these productions will use universe tables to travel to and return from all sections of the universe within a given day.  This emerging new science is entirely speculative, however, it appears that these wormholes are between 800 and 1400 miles above the earth.  Here space becomes derivative of geometry and time derivative of number.  Intergalactic space travel not only becomes possible, some of our contemporaries such as Stephen Wolfram, founder of Mathematica, and now one of the quietly wealthiest people in the USA, will be encapsulated within special reusable packets whereby participants become experts in the use of the most simple computing machines, cellular automaton, to calculate and begin to map their voyages into deep space.
  • Participants will be challenged to see define their roles out on the edges of science.
  • The 30/90 is a GPS quadrant that defines East Orleans. It is a natural place to develop a certain mythopoetics around the entire 30/90 development area whereby  “…our goal is to build four space elevators,  each tethered to the four 30/90 quadrants on earth.”  Science fiction and science facts become blended in such a way that the new New Orleans is known as the “real place” where first  space elevator is being deployed.  Each new science fiction production becomes incorporated within a theatrical set whereby people are able to come to the 30/90 and live within the best of the new productions.  This will require a different use of the amusement park in the development area to create a basis by which everyone experiences 0-G and then lives out an experience within their own earth-bound space stations while learning the edges of science fiction and science fact within a highly controlled environment where they appear to be orbiting the earth yet  “…where earth’s gravity has been re-created to attempt to stabilize our guests biologic systems.”
  • Spielberg’s Close Encounters was developed in 1977 and ET in 1983.  Neither movie has had a scientific and philosophical  narrative that works to extend both productions.
  • Much more to come….  finite universe, the nature of bonding…

Documentaries.  In 2004 political-hack producer, Michael Moore, created Fahrenheit 9/11 and it stands today as the highest grossing documentary in history (over $120M).  That is the theatre of the absurd. Investigative reporting stands in deep need of rebirth.  It requires critical thinking and a new courage to tackle bigger issues.

Science Fiction.   Though the television series, Prophets of Science Fiction, has been panned by some critics, this Science channel program makes a serious point.  Science fiction quickly becomes science fact.  That article in Wikipedia is a quick review of some of the best within the genre, science fiction.

Retooling the Genre: The goal is to make the 30/90 a highly-charged atmosphere for creativity whereby people from around the world are attracted to come to the actual site of the 30/90, the 30/90 Production Studio and lot, the 30/90 Space Elevator (a simulation center hopefully incoporated into  at the amusement park).
Avatar,  2009 (science fiction)  The first film to gross more than $2 billion
ET (1983) theatrical gross: over $800M  Combined:  $2.2B
Close Encounters of a Third Kind (1977)
Harry Potter series gross: over $7.8B
Star Wars series  gross:  over $4.8 B


1.  Sony   (combined market share in USA: 17%)

2.  Time Warner     (combined market share in USA: 15%)

3.  The Walt Disney Studios  (combined market share in USA: 14%)

4.  NBCUniversal   (combined market share in USA: 14%)

5.  News Corporation  (combined market share in USA: 11%)

6. Paramount Motion Pictures Group   (combined market share in USA: 9%)

Significant production studios that could be interested::

In the United Kingdom:

Other references and lists of studios:


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